Twitter May Increase The Number Of Ads On It’s Platform

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If you’re feeling like you’ve seen more Twitter advertisements recently, it’s not just your fantasy. A spokeswoman for Twitter Inc. said Tuesday that the business is testing with ad count, the word used by the sector to define the rate of advertising viewing by consumers. As a consequence, in their Twitter feed some individuals get more advertisements than normal.

Some reporters realized and began tweeting previously this week about watching more advertisements on Twitter. Not all Twitter consumers have the same ad load, which implies not everyone will be affected by the test. Some individuals see more advertisements based on a multitude of variables than others, including how the amount of advertisements affects their internet usage.

Twitter based in San Francisco generates most of its publicity income, and while its daily crowd has grown, its monthly customer base has shrunk for most of the previous year. It is possible that despite a decreasing customer base, Twitter may attempt to boost ad load as a manner to maintain income development.

Three years earlier, Twitter closed down advertisements as part of an attempt to maintain them involved for some of the network’s most prominent customers. Some consumers still have a Twitter that is ad-free.

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