Life On Earth Million Of Years Ago

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Half a million years ago this is the earth. No cell phones, no power, no other people. During the early Triassic era, the earth was quite distinct. This thing right here is one of the most significant distinctions. This is Pangea, a supercontinent that contains various sections of the globe today. The first thing you would notice when passing through Pangea is that all the dinosaurs are moving around. You’re not going to have to think about dinosaurs like the dilong, weighing only 11 kg (25 pounds), they’re not going to present a lot of risk.

But watch out for the Melanorosaurus who has 12 meters (39 feet) of height and would consider you to be a delicious meal. The early Triassic era was the start of the first dinosaurs, scientists claim. Everywhere would be dinosaurs of all dimensions. You’d also see some other insane creatures you’ve never seen before, and some that might remind you of the pets you see today.

A time with not much rivalry between animals as 70 percent of the Earth’s animals were wiped out in an case of mass extinction just prior to this era. Many of the species were allowed to flourish and develop at this moment without being continuously careful about other predators. The supercontinent’s exterior boundaries may be filled with lush trees and green grass, but the further you go in, the shift starts. Scientists think much of Pangea was a dry wasteland in the wilderness. This is because the ground mass was so big that the ocean’s cooling impacts would not have been obtained by the interior.

The sea, recognized as Panthalassa, encircled all of Pangea, covering 70% of the ground of the Earth. It was an incredibly lethal sea. If you were able to endure several million years somehow, you would discover yourself in the era of Jurrasic. That’s where dinosaurs really thrived.

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