Japan Begins Trial Run For The World’s Fastest Bullet Train

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Japan is a pioneer in high speed trains, punctuality, safety measures including the emergency stop system, which can automatically slow down trains before a major earthquake strikes.

Last week Japan started testing of the world fastest train that finished production in the first week of May at the cost of 10 billion Yen ($91 million).

The Shinkansen ALFA-X is capable of reaching 400 km/hour (249 mph). The train is built by Hitachi along with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It has 10 cars and a 72 foot long aerodynamic nose. It will use both roof mounted air brakes & magnetic plates underneath for slowing down.

Japan’s ALFA-X Bullet Train Clocks 320 Km/hour In trial run. Trail was conducted between Sendai and Morioka, two cities in northern Japan. The company will continue testing the train for the next three years. It is expected to enter commercial operation around 2030 at speeds of up to 360 kph, comfortably making it the world’s fastest bullet train. 

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