Four Epic Natural Swimming Spots In America

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It’s simple to suppose tourists have to walk to Thailand or some undiscovered waterfall in South America to discover the ideal natural swimming pool. However, many of the world’s most amazing and jaw-dropping lagoons are much nearer to each other. Here are the United States finest swimming pools.



Hamilton Pool (Texas)

As if you required another reason to visit Austin, the Lower 48 is situated 23 miles south of the town, one of the most beautiful lakes. Hamilton Pool Preserve is the consequence of a fall of a calcareous dam over an subterranean lake several thousand years earlier (tourists who are acquainted with Mexican cenotes will instantly acknowledge the geological anomaly). It’s one of the simplest pools on this list to achieve, and while that ensures you’ll have plenty of business there, the ride is still worth it.


Little River Canyon (Alabama)

The well-named Little River Canyon National Preserve offers tourists to the Lookout Mountain region of Alabama with 12 miles of idyllic swimming pools. One of the most spectacular falls south of the Mississippi River is the 600-foot-deep cave. You will discover the simplest entry lake at the bottom of Little River Falls, a brief ride downriver from the state’s Highway 35 bridge. Go as heavy water can be hazardous when the water concentrations are small. Hike 0.75 miles from Eberhart Point to the cliff ground for something a little more exciting, where several hills provide perfect launch pads for cliff diving.


Blue Hole (New Mexico)

The Santa Rosa Blue Hole is no secret — for centuries it has been a famous place. But due to its place in one of the driest countries in the U.S., the natural New Mexico aquifer is most intriguing. Its distinctive bell form implies that at the ground it is only 80 feet broad, but at the base it extends to 130 feet long. Over the years, the once-fishing hatchery has developed as a swimming pool for public use. It is also one of the most famous places in the nation for scuba diving and marine instruction due to its transparent water and steady 61-degree Fahrenheit temperature.


Opal Pool (Oregon)

Given the humble beginning of this path along an uninteresting gravel highway just outside the mining city of Jawbone Flats (interesting in its own right), it is simple to suppose that there will be no true payoff at the end. But with a bridge leading across Opal Creek, a walking path quickly shows itself. Follow the route a little further and you will achieve Opal Pool, an incredibly lovely smart green lake with spectacular stone ceilings and lush, ancient growing plants on both ends.


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