World’s First revolutionary dual screen laptop

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HP launches a dual-screen gaming laptop with an additional keyboard screen. The secondary 6-inch 1080p display is designed to be used with a real-time screen mirroring feature that can cut and magnify parts of the main display (like maps) and allow you to zoom in on them while playing. You can also use the display to chat with Discord friends, stream YouTube tutorial videos, or just keep an eye on the performance of the CPU and GPU.


HP designed the product to attract gamers, especially in China, who frequently use their smartphones to chat with friends, listen to music, or watch videos while playing on a PC. The second screen will eat into the battery life of the laptop, of course, but after a period of idle time it can be configured to dim to help save energy.


The Omen X 2S will arrive at $ 2,099 next month. It will be equipped with a Max-Q version of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card as a high-end gaming laptop. A ninth-generation Intel Core H-series CPU running six or eight cores can also be configured. Other configurable specs include a 1080p display that can support 144Hz, 240Hz or swap it to a 4 K HDR 400 60Hz panel with higher resolution.


HP has developed a special Omen X 2S cooling system that includes a liquid metal compound that is applied to the CPU and is expected to assist with heat dissipation and performance. Because of this new thermal solution, HP claims performance can be boosted by up to 28 percent, but we’ll have to wait for benchmarks and reviews to actually test that theory.


HP is not the first to unveil a multi-screen laptop. Razer unveiled a three-screen notebook in 2017, but the entire idea seems to have remained a concept. Acer came out before that with the Iconia 6120, a laptop that replaced a touch screen for the keyboard. The device received largely negative reviews, however. So we’re interested to see if the high price is worth the second screen of the Omen X 2S.

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